Where to buy IQOS in the United States

Electronic cigarettes has become popular among smokers nowadays as it can be treated as an alternative in smoking regular cigarettes, which prevents the harmful effects of a normal cigarette to the body as well as it can also be a tool in order for an individual to quit smoking completely. Electronics cigarettes come in different shapes and sizes, which suits everyone’s lifestyle as electronic cigarettes also varies in different styles. Because of the rapid rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are sold in every part of the world, particularly in the United States. One of these e-cigarettes that gained most of the attention is the IQOS e-cigarettes, in this article we will tackle where to buy iqos usa.

IQOS electronic cigarettes

IQOS electronic cigarettes is an entirely different electronic cigarette compared to the usual vaporizers that is mostly used and sell nowadays. Vaporizers use liquid nicotine, which is mostly composed of nicotine, glycerin and propylene glycol and is infused with different flavors in order to emit a sweet or pastry smell smoke. Some liquid nicotine juices used in vaporizers also includes menthol flavor for that cold and soothing experience. Most vaporizers emit massive amount of smokes which became of the main essentials why e-cigarettes became popular with people and in the market.

On the other hand, IQOS electronic cigarettes produces zero smoke, prevents the user from obtaining that foul smokey stench, and prevents the user from getting carcinogens which is mostly obtained from burning and smoking regular cigarettes. IQOS electronic cigarettes uses a tobacco, but unlike normal cigarettes that contains harmful ingredients like ammonia and butane, IQOS’s tobacco are pure tobacco.

IQOS e-cigarettes heats the tobacco to a minimum of 660 degrees fahrenheit, a heat range which is below the combustion level, the device then produces a nicotine infused flavor which the user inhales through the IQOS e-cigarette’s mouthpiece, that inhaled nicotine infused flavor produces zero smoke when exhaled, giving the user the same tobacco experience, without the annoying smoke and foul smokey stench a regular cigarette usually produces.

IQOS e-cigarettes are sold in some parts of the world, and can be purchased with the help of internet via online merchandising stores such as Amazon, where most Americans visits in order to buy iqos usa.


In general, electronic cigarettes can be treated as an alternative for people who are having a hard time in quitting regular cigarettes. Experts claims that electronic cigarettes are far more better than normal cigarettes due to its components. Regular cigarettes contains harmful chemicals that poses a threat to an individual’s health. However, even though electronic cigarette acts as a better alternative than regular smoking, quitting the usual nicotine intake is the best solution in order to prevent an individual from getting serious illness from smoking.