What makes you unhappy?

Let us begin with a simple question? What upsets you the most? Your favourite team getting knocked out of the World Cup? You best friend getting hitched? Well if you can answer these kind of questions, you are probably reading the wrong page. But if you get upset about each and everything you do, it is time to take things a bit seriously. Depression is the right word for those who get upset over silly things or who lost hope due to some unfortunate event in their life. Depression is a word that you hear very often is a villain in many people’s lives. A large number of people around the world are affected or in medical terms, diagnosed with depression. And when we count the number of people diagnosed with depression, only those who have come to the limelight are being considered – which clearly means the actual number is even more. So why do people get depressed? Discover here, all the possible answers on depression and counseling.

When do you understand that you are depressed?

Well the simple answer to this question is – loss of sleep and appetite. While some people who are depressed accept the fact that they really are, and they need help, some people (who always keep everything to themselves) keep it to themselves and suffer even more. Why do people do that? Why do people think twice before telling someone that they are depressed? In simple words, we humans are judge mental.


It is a free world. But it is us who are to be blamed. We judge people – as simple as that. We tease people, laugh at them and crack jokes on them. A person is who is under depression, goes through a lot of pain and struggle and it takes months or maybe years to come out of it. Researchers say that, in the coming years, more people are likely to go into depression.

Nowadays a large number of teenagers are diagnosed with depression and this is not a good sign. This is where life made conscious can help you. Discover here, a world full of solution to all your counseling needs. Depressed people should be taken care of wisely. They have a tendency to react very violently and moodily depending upon their moods. This is why consulting a therapist is very important. Only a therapist knows what to do and the different ways to do it. A counselor improves your mental health, thereby enabling you to develop a positive outlook towards life and towards everything you do. Want to feel alive again? Want to ease that pain of yours off the shoulders? Well, you are in the right place! Discover here for more information on counseling.