Top rates laser tag sets for Kids available on Amazon

As a kid you can take advantage of the latest technology and the new arena of games being launched for Xbox, PlayStation and other platforms. These games are quite costly too and one must choose games that are having good reviews and are top rated so that you can enjoy playing it for a longer time. Laser tag sets are quite popular amongst kids above the age of 7 years and even with adults and this ensures that you can enjoy games like hunting or shooting without hurting yourself. Several malls also offer these type of games in their play zones. Here are the top rated laser tag sets that you can buy from You can get more information about these sets of websites such as .

1. Dynasty toys Laser Tag set for kids

This set comes in a carrying case with 2 laser tag blasters, 1 blue in color and 1 white in color and is ideal to gift your kid on her birthday so that they can have a blast with their friends. The battle pack has a model number T1504 which you can find on Amazon. The set contains a blaster which is the target. In this game, the players need not wear a vest and it is a team player game with 4 teams. The laser tag has two settings i.e. team settings and blast settings. It is having certification of being child sage and has 1mW output.

2. Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids Multiplayer 4 Pack under 200

This is the extreme pack laser set with a model number T1503 and has 4 different settings for the team. You can play with all players in a single team or in 4 different teams. You have the freedom to design your own battle. The blaster is the target in this game and so the player need not wear a vest. This game also comes with two setting options on every blaster i.e. team and blast settings. All of the blaster settings of the game have different reload times, stoppage power, and range requirements. There is no limit on the team size for the game.

3.  Laser X 88016 Two player laser set

You can blast your opponent’s vest even from 200 inches away and it comes with a full-color effect of lighting to track the hits and shots. There are interactive tips given by a voice coach during the game too. The set has amazing sound effects and a Laser X soundtrack.

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