5 Hottest Casual Styles for the Season

We present some of the hottest new trends in casual dressing for women, from brands like Wills Lifestyle, Dorothy Perkins and others.

It seems like all your life, you’re just dressing for a certain part. Whether putting together an ensemble for work, or picking a casual look for your days off, you feel immense pressure to dress well. But many women have a convoluted sense of what it means to dress well – it is not about wearing expensive threads, it is about sporting the latest trends while making them your own.

Fashion is all about personal comfort and redefining your personality. As the weather turns warmer, we pick 5 of the best casual styles for the season:

1 Skinny fit chinos.Chinos are that rare type of clothing that transitions seamlessly from daywear to nightwear, and from formal wear to casual wear. This season, invest in good skinny fit chinos from Wills Lifestyle online shopping sites. Fitted chinos look best on thin, tall frames because they focus attention on the torso. But you can deflect attention with a vertical striped top that skims the hips, and pair the pants with a killer pair of stilettos[1]. When going out with friends, pair with a casual tee in white.

2 Shift or skater dresses. Dresses are always in style, and what better way to usher in the balmy season than with a roomy shift dress or a skater dress with a flowy hem? The silhouette does not hug the body in any way, leaving enough room for your skin to breathe. At the same time, the dress can be worn with a fun hat, a pair of open toed sandals and a big smile for the summer! Browse through Wills Lifestyle’s online shopping catalogue for shift or skater dresses[2].

3 Blouses for work and play. Blouses are back, and they’re not just ruling the international runways. Ruffled or bell sleeves, detailing on the shoulders or a self-patterned fabric, all kinds of blouses are great for the season. They go well with both trousers and skirts, and they lend a feminine air to the entire ensemble. Pick cool colours like powder blue, white and lemon yellow, and pair with darker bottoms like red, navy blue or even black. Pick thin cotton, polyester and jute to let your skin breathe. Brands like Dorothy Perkins have some really trendy blouses this season[3].

4 Shrugs. Shrugs might seem like a bad idea when the weather turns warm – after all, an additional layer when the mercury rises can feel like torture. But it depends on the kind of shrug you buy. Avoid thick, woolly ones. Long shrugs that either skim the knee or graze the ankles, are in. Wear a pair of shorts, moccasins, a cotton tee or shirt, and a long shrug to go with it. There, you’re ready for a night out with friends! Try stylish brands like Dorothy Perkins to find the one that suits your wardrobe the most[4].

5 Strappy stilettos. Many women shy away from wearing stilettos, but like they say, ‘Let us be elegant or die’! Few shoes have parallels with the chic sophistication of a classic pair of stilettos[5]. This season, encase your feet in a pair of strappy Dorothy Perkins stilettos. They are perfect for a casual date or a movie outing with your gang. You can pair them with a pair of skinny jeans and T-shirt.